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Author of transcriptions

of classical and folk music

for violin solo.

Laureate of international competitions 

in classical, folk and pop nominations:

"Modern Art and education" 

            (Моscow 2011)  Special Prise

"Romanticism - origins and horizons"                            to the memory of A.Karamanov  

           (Моscow-Tchernomorske 2011) - II Prise

"Мy world is Art" Soundslife

            (Kharkiv 2012) - I, II, III Prise

"Star Planet" Soundslife

            (Sudak 2012)  - I, II, III Prise

"Romanticism - origins and horizons"                            to the memory of Franz Shubert 

            (Моscow 2013) - III Prise

Аssociation of music competitions 

of Ukraine:

"Fall Festival" Grand Prize 


     (Kharkiv - 2020)  

"Winter Dreams" Grand Prize


     (Kharkiv - 2020) 

"Сonstellation Ukraine - Europe" 

      2021 - I prise

"Herbstmärcher - Berlin  2022" -  I prise

Participant of ukranian festivals:

       "De libertate"

       Literary and artistic festival dedicated to the 290 anniversary of the birth of Skovoroda


       "Garden of divine songs"



      All-Ukranian festival "Ivana Kupala"





Academical music collage 

by Moscow State Tchaikovsky Conservatory

            (Моscow 1994)

 Kharkiv I.P. Kotliarevsky 

 National Univecity of Arts

           (Kharkiv 2012)


Herbstmärchen - Berlin 2022
Winter Dreams
Fall Festival
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